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Writing Jobs Worldwide

Writing Jobs Worldwide

November 25, 2014

Write Job Descriptions Effectively

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How To Write Job Descriptions Effectively

Learn how to write job descriptions effectively with this human resources video tutorial.Writing job descriptions in a clear and conci…
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July 10, 2014

Jobs In Travel Writing

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BEST Jobs In Travel Writing

Jobs In Travel Writing

In this Course you will learn about: Travel Writing, Writing Articles Jobs, Articles Writing Jobs, Jobs Writing Articles, Jobs…


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April 9, 2014

Freelance Writer Job

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Start Your Freelance Writer Job Today!

Freelance Writer Jobs can be very lucrative. Discover how to get that Freelance writer job in as little as 1 day and start earning in excess of 00 + per week from the comfort of your home

In the past, applying for a job meant looking through the classified ads in the local paper. The popularity of the internet has created various job sites online making it easier for someone to apply for freelance work in another state and in even in another country.

The world has become a smaller place with everything at one’s fingertips. The need to conform to a regular routine and schedule is no longer a burden when you are a freelance writer. However, bear in mind that there is still some measure of discipline as you will now be working as a freelance writer.

How much or how little you do will directly impact your income or lack of it. Additionally, working with reputable companies that are willing to pay reasonable fees for your services can positively impact you as well.

A Freelance writer job can be easily obtained as there is a great need for unique content on the internet. Most of us do not have the time, temperament or even skills to churn our 300 -500 word articles to put on our websites or submit our article to a myriad article directories.

This is where a freelance writer job becomes profitable and I might say essential.

Be prepared when seeking a freelance writer job to have some references and samples of your work to prove your worth. Clients are becoming more and more demanding where quality is concerned as no one wants to be associated with producing crappy content or duplicated artlices.

Other information that will be requested are educational background. Some companies prefer someone with a degree or a licensed professional to do the job.

An additional factor to consider is employment history. This includes the job description and highlights that you have experienced during your career. (In some cases these qualifications may not even be necessary to land that freelance writer job)

These freelance writer job sites offer various jobs to people. It caters to professionals and teenagers who want to work either for full time, part time or on a per project basis.

Applying online is not only done through job sites. A lot of companies have websites that have a section on careers which one can access and check what openings are available. One simply has to go through the process of also giving certain information that is asked for and uploading one’s resume.

It is important to note that the first impression employers/headhunters look at is one’s resume. Your resume will reflect on you as a potential writer capable of being used for a freeelance writer job. Take special care of a slopy layout and careless spelling errors. This reflects poorly on you and will raise doubts on the quality of work that can be expected from you as the freelance writer.

There are many freelance writer jobs available in the market. It just takes a little effort on one’s part to sit down in front of a computer and look for the right job.

As far as the earning potential goes, you can be earning good money with that freelance writer job in a short time. Check out some of the earnings below:

* Entering data into forms : 5.00 per day
* Completing opinion surveys : .00 per hour
* Writing articles and stories : .00 per hour
* Editing documents : 0.00 per day
* Answering and sending emails: 0.00 per day

This site can get you started earning these figures in just one day:- Freelance Writer Job. Check it out. It offers a trial for only . Believe me it’s worth many times more than that.

All the best in finding that freelance writer job.


December 13, 2013

Freelance Writing Jobs

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Freelance Writing Jobs San Antonio

Looking for freelance writing gigs

If you’re looking for freelance writing gigs and opportunities in the San Antonio Texas area or nationally or even worldwide yo…
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October 26, 2013

Achieving The Best From Part Time Writing Jobs

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How To Achieve The Best From Part Time Writing Jobs


Beginning a new career with online writing jobs is a scary prospect for plenty human beings. You want to break away from your tedious occupation and start a new occupation that you take joy in but you’re scared that it may not work. This guide will demonstrate how you may begin taking online writing jobs part time to see if they work for you.

Measure Your Time Upwards

Writing in your free time is a perfect way to open up yourself to the field of internet writing jobs. What you may score in just one hour a day is honestly comparable to what you may work working a full day – a whole day in this career being more like three hours! So, by writing about what you take joy in for an hour or two every day, you will recognize how much you could do in a full day.

Dispense with Distractions

When you begin writing for one hour a day, you want to make the most of that hour. Your free time is full of distractions that you want to pay no mind if you expect to write profitably. Whether it’s the television, radio or your family demanding some attention you have to be devoted. The hour that you spend working in your free time will never be as productive as an hour spent throughout a writing day – there’s too much that can distract you (even once you keep the door closed).

Don’t let that put you off internet writing jobs part time, use that information to spur you onwards. Contemplate how much more you can write if you were working during the day.

There are straightforward ways to plan your writing so that “closing the door” is simpler for you. For example, many people find that beginning straight after work is an awesome way to write profitably. once you get home, try going to the computer and putting one more hour in writing.

Writing Jobs Timetable

When you have discovered that marvelous time to work, ensure you direct it into a routine. when you work things repeatedly, they become simpler to seize. The more days that you write at the same time, the simpler it will be and the more you will bag.

Remember that everything about taking part time writing jobs is only a small inkling of what you may score. When you work full time. Everything I have specified in this essay gets simpler and more effective once you spend more time doing it. Try writing jobs part time and see how much you may make full time.

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July 28, 2013

Content Writing Jobs

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Welcome to the World of Content Writing Jobs


If you have the real words power then opportunity is open for you in advertising and media industries. Words can create, words can destroy and words can bring revolution. Currently millions of companies are looking to employ content writers to help them out by creating content for their products, or for creating articles for promoting their brands.

The need of content writing is everywhere whether the media field, web world etc. That’s why we find the many vacancies in Content Writing Jobs and many good companies are paying the awesome annual packages to their content writers.

So make yourself ready to work in spare time for good earnings, the other way is to register yourself in the freelancing sites and sell your articles, stories etc from your home only. Isn’t sounds great? Yes you make your earnings more simple and easy or if you are engage in any other job and want to show your writings talent then this is the best way to complete your hobby and earn from it as your side business.

They are offering a good jobs opportunity where you can earn unlimited from home only. Content writing jobs are the best jobs which you can do from your home only by taking the aid of computer as well as internet connection.

Really there is enough scope in the content writing jobs… only needs a good start

Finding Content writing jobs through newspaper and magazines is quite a traditional technique as well as time consuming process. I would suggest you to go and search the Content writing jobs through online free classified ads sites. Just write the URL and press enter. It would get you to the world of jobs. Here you can get the list of job related to your qualification and experience. The most important thing to be notice is that you don’t have to waste your single penny in searching the jobs in these classified sites. They will serve in free of charge. I believe this is the most convenient and easy way to find the jobs in Content Writing.

Stop thinking and go ahead and earn from your hobby only.

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June 22, 2013

Medical Writing Jobs

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Tips On Finding Medical Writing Jobs


There are two main areas of medical writing: marketing and clinical. This article focuses on marketing medical writing and is intended as background information for people considering a career in medical writing, who are interested in knowing a little bit more about what could be in store for them.

Medical Communications or Medical Education Agencies provide bespoke communications services to pharmaceutical companies, the aim of which is to enhance clinical knowledge so that the best healthcare outcomes are achieved for the patient. The agencies address this challenge on a number of fronts, working with many interested parties.
Marketing Medical Writing jobs may be in-house roles (working for a pharmaceutical / biotechnology or medical device company) or more often than not, within medical communications agencies carrying out work on behalf pharmaceutical companies or institutions.

The purpose of the Medical Writer is to produce many different types of marketing materials for use in marketing, promotion, training and medical education. Just a few examples of the types of Medical Writing materials produced might include, manuscripts for journal publication, feature articles for magazines, conference reports,  posters and abstracts; training aids, including slide-kits and lecture notes and educational materials such as patient leaflets or web copy. There is much more besides, but this provides an idea of the variety and diversity of the work undertaken. These materials are developed for many different user groups and audiences, ranging from healthcare professionals to patient groups, from medical reps to lay audiences. The materials are produced over a range of media including print, internet / intranet, CD/DVD and film.

Part of the art of the medical writer includes being able to write for audiences with varying levels of scientific understanding, but still being able to communicate the intended message whilst writing in a particular ‘house’ style (most companies will have SOPs to ensure a uniformity/continuity of message) . You will also have an eye for detail, as you will be expected to review and edit both your own and colleagues’ work to ensure the high level of editorial integrity required for the client and company.

Medical Writers, whether providing materials for a pharmaceutical company’s portfolio or on behalf of a range of clients in a medical communications agency, will undoubtedly have to write about a range of therapy or disease areas. This is why it is important for medical writers to make sure they keep abreast of industry developments, regulatory guidelines and medical innovations. You are not expected to have an expert knowledge of every therapy area, as you will learn more about specific therapy areas when you work on a particular account.

In an agency environment you will interact with both internal and external teams. As part of an inter–disciplinary team you will work with account handlers, business development and production staff and you may also have a remit to liaise with clients and freelancers. It will be useful to have well developed inter-personal skills as often there is a balance to be struck between competing stake holders in a project.

Medical Writing

As a medical writer you can enjoy a fairly structured career path. The classical route runs from medical writer to editorial director via senior medical writer and editorial manager / team leader. As your career progresses emphasis shifts away from hands on writing, as you take on more managerial and mentoring responsibilities and become more involved in account strategy. Again this is only one example and there are many more opportunities and avenues available to pursue.

There are no hard and fast rules on the qualifications required to becoming a medical writer, although companies generally look for candidates with a Life Sciences degree and increasingly a higher degree (Masters or Doctorate). You will already have been developing your writing skills, have an analytical thought process and a knack for grasping the salient facts buried in data or text. It is fairly standard for a company to request that candidates complete a writing test during the interview process to assess the candidate’s level of writing ability; these tests come in all shapes and sizes and will test and reflect the skills and abilities that the company deem most important.

ID Search & Selection is a recruitment agency specialized in placing medical communications professionals in medical writer jobs. If you would like to learn more about medical writing or would like to discuss your career options in more detail with an experienced recruitment consultant, please contact us.

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